"Lola/What Loreley wanted to speak"
Aki Nakazawa

1030min / 2010 / German with English and Japanese subtitles

direction, editing, screenplay, animation, music by Aki Nakazawa
Photography by Justyna Feicht
sound by Philipp Enders, Shinya Kitamura
action by Leonie Renée Klein
Supported by Academy of Media Arts Cologne

„Ich weiß nicht, was soll es bedeuten (I don't know what it may mean)....“ With this famous poem by a German poet Heinrich Heine, Loreley, a woman in a legend of the river Rhein is well known as a femme fatale with beautiful hair and fascinating voice. She invites sailors with her singing voice to death and it is a very romantic, mysterious and beautiful story…. But, wait! This femme fatale would have wanted not only to sing but also to speak something more!
A story of Lola, a today’s woman crosses Loreley’s story and reveals why Loreley sings. It shows a suppressed emotion of a famous figure made by men and typical femininity that society expects.

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