Aki Nakazawa
video artist, curator

Born in Tokyo, Japan
AKI NAKAZAWA is a video artist and a curator for short-film and media-art, lives and works in Tokyo, Japan and in Cologne, Germany.

She studied visual-media and video-art at the College of Art, Nihon University in Tokyo and she became a member of Spread Video-art Project in 1997.
She had created her career in many media fields such as TV productions, teaching at institutions, planning educational projects, curating screening programs, working for museums and international video & film festivals and presented her videos at festivals and exhibitions as an artist. Since she got a grant for a young Japanese artist studying overseas from the cultural ministry of the Japanese government in 2005, she's based in Cologne and been on those activities also in many other countries.

Her artistic theme refers to "sensuality of image", "osmotic film of sense" and "relation of image and language/word" with crossing a border of reality, fiction, genre and media as "Grenzgaenger /Bordercrosser".

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"0.04" (1996)
"hibi no awa / Froth on the daydream" (1998)
"mizu wo omou / image of water" (1999)
"aomori banka" (2000)
"mitsumeru wo koete / beyond the gaze" - a video installation (2001)
"hisoyakana jikan / secret time" (2004)
"sui sha shi / water-graphed portrait" (2005)
"Negai wo hiku / Drawing wishes" (2006)
"Du bist in meinem Kopf" (2007)
"Lola/What Loreley wanted to speak" (2010) – and a video installation version (2009)
"Back to white : 98" (2010)
"The Lake" (2011)
"for the land of neon" (2011)
"Land of Neon" (2011)

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